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Wynwood, Florida

Wynwood has become one of the go-to destinations of Miami. There is always something to see and take in as the district has an eclectic atmosphere surrounded by murals of graffiti. This small but mighty district is the hub for entertainment and urban

art- consistently serving eager eyes, one of a kind thrills, and hungry appetites. With an array of retail converted warehouses and various restaurants, there is something for

everyone to enjoy. 


The foundation of Wynwood stems from its diverse community. Before it was a tourist destination and local source for entertainment, it was once an area primarily for garment manufacturers. Throughout its unique timeline, Wynwood has been the host for several immigration waves, from Cuba, Puerto Rico and even several other countries in South America. As the neighboring district of Edgewater, the historic area of Overtown and Alapatta, Wynwood continues to be a melting pot of brown and black communities.

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